Pinterest Video Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is a place where users are often planning and researching their purchases. What gets pinned when can tell a company a lot about their customers’ buying cycle and what content they are looking for. For example, one company discovered that Halloween-oriented content is popular in August.
The Strategy: “Pin useful info combined with compelling images that tell a story visually. It could be a great tip, a new way to do something, a watch to buy, or inspiring street style.” Uphill Pictures can assist you in creating this content.


YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

Your Industry’s Keywords & Videos

When we write the scripts for our clients’ videos, we employ the terms that, with our clients, we’ve decided would be the most communicative for their intended audience. These may be the popular keywords people are using to search for the product online or these may be the terms that our clients hear their customers using in their stores. When we produce our clients’ videos, our number one priority is communicating effectively with the intended audience for each video.

However, when posting the video to YouTube, Vimeo, or other location where you have the opportunity to enter keywords and tags, we recommend entering all those that describe your product, and especially the ones your Website Designer, Social Media Consultant, or Marketer has laid out for you. Employing these keywords will help your video get found within YouTube and on the web and to drive traffic to your website, so you can make those sales!

We are always happy to create your YouTube Channel, and post and optimize your videos in this way.

YouTube SEO

Speak up about Net Neutrality

Vimeo on Net Neutrality

As a small video production business, we rely on inexpensive services, such as Vimeo, to provide our clients their content at reasonable prices.  In fact, the affordable and independent Internet we all enjoy is dependent on “Net Neutrality.” If you’d like to learn more about the FCC’s proposal and make a statement to our Senator about this issue, click the pic above.

Pinning with Hashtags

(This method can be applied to Facebook as well.)

When pinning your videos to Pinterest, write targeted descriptions with carefully selected hashtags.  The goal is to encourage Pinners to engage with your Pin and eventually visit your site.  Pinterest says, “Keep in mind that Pins with generic, keyword-stuffed descriptions are off-putting to people and may be demoted in search. The same is true for hashtags—having too many of them in your descriptions may negatively impact your ranking.”

Instagram’s Hyperlapse: A Fun, New Video App

Create a Time Lapse in Seconds
Hyperlapse by Instagram
If you have an Apple tablet or phone, you’ll easily get addicted to this new app by Instagram called Hyperlapse, which allows you to create sped-up videos.  While it doesn’t replace professionally made Time Lapse video, you can’t beat free and fun, right?

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How To Add a Trailer to a YouTube Channel

YouTube has added a new function. We can now choose which video will get the prime real estate on the Home page of your channel.  (This is only what is seen by those whom have not yet subscribed to your channel.) When creating YouTube Channels for our clients, our goal is to let new visitors know exactly what are our clients are all about — right away. That’s why we like to place their Branding Video, Business Profile Video, or Call to Action Video (Commercial) in this spot.  The quick, three-step process for doing it yourself:

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How Effective are Customer Testimonial Videos?

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%.


Entrepreneur writes, “Include testimonials on each and every page of your website. No matter where your visitors click, you want them to find a positive customer review of your product or service.”

If Summer is your company’s time to recharge its marketing strategies and improve its web presence, video testimonials are not only a very effective tool for your business, but they also serve to highlight and show appreciation for your clients. Why not have a customer appreciation event at your office and have us set up a testimonial booth to capture all the great stuff people want to share about your products or services?Customer Testimonial Video

How best to integrate video into your Pinterest Pinboards

Please don’t make the mistake of placing all of your videos on a single pinboard, or website page for that matter, and non-descriptively titling it, “Videos.”

Place your video on a web page or Pinterest board where there is similar content, so that viewers will use the video to find out information about what they are already interested in.

All the content will work together to sell your products or services.

 Pinterest board with video and images next to one another

Try placing your originally-produced videos next to related static images you’ve pinned in pinboards, which you designed around keyword-rich themes.

“For example, a product pin can be strategically placed next to an interesting video showing a lifestyle experience or demo of that product.

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