Why & How to Post Your Videos to Pinterest

We’ve all heard it: Nowadays getting new customers means engaging them where they are at. Well, with 70 million users, it’s safe to say sarah bennett homework equal as buy paper flowers uk https://aspirebhdd.org/health/safe-online-viagra/12/ https://www.newburghministry.org/spring/managerial-economics-assignment/20/ https://chicagocounseling.org/3827-purchase-book-reports/ hotel resume cover letter samples go site how to write my epq essay buy viagraa online discount generic viagra online write my paper in hours synthroid 200 mcg online cheap canadian pharmacy https://lynchburgartclub.org/esl-homework-ghostwriter-websites-online/ http://www.nationalnewstoday.com/medical/real-viagra-online-buy/2/ go here proofreading instructions outline of an essay dissertation title page uk dissertation editing services uk http://www.trinitypr.edu/admission/chegg-homework-help-refund/53/ enter site nursing literature review outline example doxycycline for sale online does viagra prevent premature http://pejepscothistorical.org/education/adoption-essay/03/ http://belltower.mtaloy.edu/studies/law-school-essay-editing-service/20/ thesis on bullying in schools viagra without a prescription australia https://www.newburghministry.org/spring/diabetes-mellitus-essay/20/ help in algebra about editing https://climbingguidesinstitute.org/5704-houmerous-essay-topics/ your new customers are probably on Pinterest looking for engaging content. Now, it’s just up to you to provide the content that will get them to click on your pin and be driven to your website, where they can buy your products or become interested in your services. In 2013, Shareaholic stated that Pinterest was sending more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. You can engage these customers by appealing to their interests and providing the information for which they are looking. Uphill Pictures can create How-To videos and other Content-Marketing Videos to pin on your Business Pinterest Page.

We’ve shared with you before the importance of uploading your videos to YouTube on your company’s Branded YouTube Channel and then embedding the YouTube video on your website. Now it’s very easy to also share that YouTube video on Pinterest.

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Send Video with your Emails – Simple!

Cori's email signature

Make your videos work double-duty for you:

1) Add your Branding Video as part of your signature, so that every time you write an email, your company’s message is sent along with it.
2) Is your client ready for the next step in their process with you? Send them the Instructional Video that tells them what to do next.
3) If your customer is asking a question that’s frequently asked or needs to know how to use your product, send them the appropriate FAQ Video or How-To Video that will answer their question.
3) Is a customer interested in one of your products, but needs more information? Email them your Product Video.

We specialize in the production of each of these types of business videos and we can help you send them in your emails.

How To: Many email programs make it simple for you to add an image and attach a link to them. This is great for emailing a video. Simply use a pic of the video and attach a link to the page where it can be viewed, so when your customer clicks on the pic, they’ll be brought to the page where your video is located. If you’ve placed your video on your website, this is a great way to drive traffic to your site — for free!!
Here’s Step-by-step instructions about how to add video to your Gmails.
Here’s a handy place to get your social media icons for your signature, as well.

The Value of Video to Real Estate Agents or New Home Builders

We’ve been receiving a lot of interest in making real estate videos, so I’ve been doing some research on their value to agent’s marketing efforts. Here’s what I learned:
1) An Australian real estate group reports that real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos.
2) Creating videos for your listings sets you apart from the competition. According to a Washington Post article written May 8, 2013, videos are a growing segment of real estate marketing but are still not yet widely used. “In a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, 14 percent of sellers questioned said their agent used video to market their home, up [only] 9 percent from 2007.” Yet, 45 percent of buyers said they found video tours very useful in making decisions about which homes to see. http://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate/for-tech-savvy-buyers-real-estate-agents-go-to-the-video/2013/03/07/f61ae3ca-7f9b-11e2-8074-b26a871b165a_story.html

 3) You might also want to place the videos on YouTube or we can do this for you with a branded YouTube channel. “According to the Google & Complete Home Shopper Survey done in 2011, YouTube was the top video research destination for home shoppers with 57 percent. Brokerage websites came in at 41 percent.” Placing the videos in both locations would ensure that you capture the majority of viewers searching for a new home. Of course, you’re also on the right track by posting them on Facebook.
Contact us for information on marketing your home or listing with video.

Video is a Great Value!

1. Because video is effective at getting your message across!

  • Video packs so much in the punch. Imagery, audio, and text combine to give your potential customers a greater understanding of your product or service and what you stand for, than text or an image alone.
  • Something brochures can’t do is show your product or service in action and demonstrate the real benefits of using your product.

2. Because video is effective at driving sales!

  • According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, prospects make their buying decisions faster and are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used

3. Because video is affordable!

  •  Video is no longer just for large corporations. A carefully scripted 2-3 minute video can be more effective and convey as much information as a stack of printed materials.
  • The same video can be disseminated across a whole range of media, Internet, and social media platforms, watched repeatedly, and shared easily. In essence, purchase a video once and use it multiple ways for as long as you want.
  • Even though your video may be produced for one or two primary uses, you’re likely to find many other uses for the same video. Send it in an email, show it on one-on-one sales calls and trade shows, and as an introduction to training, etc.

Let’s get together to brainstorm what type of video can best serve your purposes and learn how you can use it across multiple platforms, in multiple ways, getting the most value from your video.

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Best Practices for Creating Instructional Videos

Instruction Manual pic

At Uphill Pictures, we specialize in creating Branding and Instructional Videos. I recently ran across a study that evaluated 46 highly rated instructional videos to find out what made them both popular and effective. Its author offered the following four takeaways.(Boy, were we relieved to realize that we already employ these techniques for our customers and much more! 😉 )

  • Good instructional video begins with an introduction that frames the lesson to be learned.
  • Good instructional video spends more time demonstrating steps (doing and explaining) than either doing or explaining alone.
  • Good instructional video delivers content with a message that is engaging and easy to understand and utilize.
  • Slick production, effective editing, post-production touch up, transitions, and good quality audio and video are reassurances that someone took the time to make a good video, and that kind of effort on the front end appears to suggest credibility and competence [on the part of the person or company delivering the content].*
If you want your customers to recognize your company as an expert in its field or provide tips on how to use your products, consider creating How-To Videos to post on your website and social media channels.
*Swarts, Jason. “New Modes of Help: Best Practices for Instructional Video,” Technical Communication 59, Number 3, August 2012.

Thank you for a great event!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the first-ever Digital Cocktail Hour, hosted by Uphill Pictures, Anchorwave Web Solutions, Acacia IT, Arizona Business Equipment Inc., and New York Life Insurance Company.  We hope you enjoyed your complimentary cocktails and Lotus Massage chair massages. Congratulations to those who won the door prizes, including a Tablet, desktop printer, animated logo, etc. We hope to see you at the next one!

Why Businesses of All Sizes Need Consistent Branding



Branding is the consistent look and message you provide to your potential customers to help them easily identify who you are and what they should expect from you. “Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer…. It differentiates your offering from that of your competitors.”* This should be communicated by your logo, website, packaging, and promotional materials- and by YOUR VIDEO. Your video is arguably the most powerful place to establish your branding.Through it, you communicate directly to your potential customers about who your company is, what products or services you provide, and what values you stand for. An unprofessionally made video may send a negative message in each of these respects. When done correctly, a branding video is a powerful tool for your business. We’ll incorporate your logo and style into your video to keep your branding consistent.  A branding video with Uphill Pictures starts at just $650.

How is your business found on the web?

Google Universal Video SERPs Platform Allocation
SERP= Search Engine Result Page


Is your business easily found for the products or services you offer from a Google search? If not, consider that videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than their plain text counterparts, which means when a video pops up in a Google search, people click on the video to find what they are looking for 41% more often than they click on the search term.  That’s huge!  Essentially your video can help you get found on the web.  We put your video on YouTube because the use of that platform is one of the main factors impacting a video’s chances of showing up in universal search.  We create videos and YouTube channels as part of a business’ digital marketing campaign.  So, if getting noticed on the web through universal search is important to you, think YouTube and Uphill Pictures.


Website Videos Boost Sales– and Relationship with Customers

website video

“In the last quarter of 2012, eCommerce consultants Invodo commissioned a study where the results show 57% of buyers are more confident making a purchase online if a web video of the product is present.” It’s a telling statistic; video drives sales.

Why does video have this effect? One reason is that they showcase products more effectively than description or photographs alone. They also present the business’ personality and branding to the consumer. With infinite choices out there, we all choose to purchase our goods and services from those we like and to whom we relate.  For online businesses, video is the only way they can show who they really are as people. Video helps a company build a relationship with viewers and connect with customers.  Business loyalty is gained when customers get to know you. Business videos are what pushes consumers to contact you for a service or purchase your products, because they display the products beautifully, get your message across effectively, and give viewers a sense of who you are — when the video is done properly. Here, at Uphill Pictures, these types of website videos are our specialty.