Video Production in Tucson

Tucson is a unique environment for business.

We have lived and worked with video production in Tucson for almost a decade, and Cori is an Arizona native.  In that time, our video production company has seen that Tucson provides a unique environment for small businesses to represent themselves.

Here’s an example of a Product Video: 

Airstream Sport 2/5 from Uphill Pictures on Vimeo.

It’s a small, friendly town, where referral marketing is very effective.  Yet, it’s a large enough place that referrals are not enough to sustain a business and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.  That’s why Tucson businesses must create a strong presence for themselves on the Internet. With 78.6% of North America’s population using the Internet, a 153.3% growth since 2000,* it’s clear that the Internet is the place where potential customers are lurking.  Few are reading newspapers or looking at mailers. Internet marketing is the way for Tucson businesses to attract new customers. Yet, in a small, friendly city like Tucson, a business’ Internet marketing strategy needs to have a personality—and a good one.

Here’s an example of a Branding Video:

Mercaldo Law 2 from Uphill Pictures on Vimeo.

Tucsonans usually need to like you and have a sense of who you are in order for them to want to do business with you.  That’s where video production in Tucson comes in. At Clean Slate Media, our video production strategy for Tucson businesses is to capture the personality of the business owner and the perks of their establishment, providing a personal, yet professional face to the business. Our video production services shoot onsite at the businesses, reflecting their location (and staff) in the most positive light.  Photographs and text bios, while necessary on a website, can never capture a business’ employees and location, nor engage the viewer, the way our videos can. Clean Slate Media is the source for business video production in Tucson, because we understand the Tucson culture (in both Spanish and English) and are experts in creating videos for Tucson business websites and Internet marketing strategies in a personal and professional way that Tucsonans expect.

Engage the potential customers coming to your website and social media sites today with an Clean Slate Media Tucson video production for businesses. View an example of our Tucson video production services below!

Vertess Branding Video 5-9-15 from cori disimone on Vimeo.